Ottawa International Animation Festival

The Ottawa International Animation Festival is the world's 2nd largest animation festival. In 2018, it was held from September 26-30 and showcased over 250 animated films from around the world.

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At the animation festival, I was given the job of making posters, advertisements, passes, t-shirts and various other graphic design pieces as well as setting the 2018 Festival Guide. The Festival Guide is a 100 page catalogue festival goers can use to find show times, locations, descriptions of the films and more.

My time at the festival was one of the most important and best learning experiences of my career so far. The people I worked with were wonderful and encouraging and taught me so much about how I can improve for the future, as well as giving me the awesome opportunity to see my work on such a huge scale. One of the most rewarding parts was going to the festival and seeing everyone walking around with the pieces I created! It was so fun to see them enjoying the things we all worked so hard on.


For the majority of the posters I created, I used graphics from the festival poster with an overlay to add texture and interest to the imagery. I decided to go with a more retro styled colour palette because the original poster had so much colour to work with.

These posters were used to advertise to volunteers, as well as advertising to high school students who would like to participate in the festival. The festival can be a great place for high school students to get their community service hours and offers an amazing, artistic opportunity.


The passes for the animation festical are extremely important because they let volunteers and staff know who was allowed where. It was important to make the colours of the passes different, but also interesting enough for everyone to feel welcomed and included in the fun.


These tickets were used as one time passes, free passes and drink tickets for the festival. Some of these pieces were for parties and included sponsorship logos.


During the course of the four months I was working with the festival, I had to create various advertisements at different sizes for other festivals, newspapers and online ads. I had to adhere to their specs and colour profiles as well as communicate with contacts through email.


For the festival I had to create two different types of t-shirts: one for the atendees and one for volunteers to wear. One of the issues we were trying to overcome was that in past years, some people didn't want to keep their volunteer t-shirts after the festival. Working with the team and sponsor, we decided to go with a navy blue t-shirt for volunteers with the main graphic of the poster. The navy blue and yellow are the sponsor's brand colours, so we were able to tie in their needs with a more reusable design.

For the regular t-shirts, we ended up going with a classic black and white, purple and white and navy and white. The graphic was screenprinted and turned out really nicely with all the details.

Festival Guide

The animation festival guide is one of my proudest accomplishments to date! We printed around 13,000 copies and distributed them all around Ottawa, including Bridgehead coffee shops. This guide is used to showcase all of the amazing animated films, showing times, locations, awards, kids activities, professional development sessions and ticket information.

For this years festival, I really wanted to make the inside of the guide really colourful and fun to contrast the intensely detailed poster. Because the poster featured so many colours and was so dark, it was a bit difficult to come up with a cohesive solution. With the team, I was able to settle on the blue and the orange which ended up creating the rest of the colour palette for the festival.

This year, we also decided to add different sections to break up the viewers eye and lead them to important sections such as the Animation Exposé, and InGenius JR day. These sections were featured with different colours to showcase that they had important information.


This is a selection of the Motion Graphics projects I've had a pleasure of working on. These are an exploration of Rotoscoping, Logo Animation, Illustration and my 2019 Motion Reel.

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