Recipedia is an app that will help users find new and exciting recipes, join a community of talented at home chefs and keep their ingedients list in order for shopping.

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I started research for this application by downloading 5 apps with a theme and examining what makes them work or not work. By gathering this information, I was able to determine what I needed to create an engaging recipe app.


Many recipe apps have various features that are cool and helpful, but they do not all offer everything together for a whole experience. Users need an application that will offer all of these features in one place so they do not need to hop around apps.


Create an app with community, shopping lists, recommendations and store locations all in one.

Prototype (October, 2017)

This app was created with the information I gathered while researching other recipe apps. I wanted to use cards to showcase recipes, with star ratings and titles to minimize information in such a small space. The cards lead to a large image of the finished product and continues with a list of ingredients.

User Testing (October, 2017)

When testing this app with users, they mostly enjoyed the visuals and were able to navigate the app with ease. Some of the friction that was reported was in the size of the icons, and whether or not to use a + icon for adding ingredients, or possibly adding a shopping cart.

What I Would Do Next (November, 2018)

Given the opportunity to give this app another look, I would definitely start by changing the size of the cards. One year later, I can see how using larger cards to give more information would be helpful. I would also go in and make the lists (ingredients, nutritional facts) larger and more easy to read. Finally, I would definitely give the colour palette and overhaul and implement the accented colours differently.


This app allows users to find various trail maps to download and use as they please. It is targeted towards people who are looking to download maps to use offline. The app has a search function to find maps all over the world, and uses location services to find trails nearest to the user.

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My name is Tori, and I have been interested in helping others and solving problems my whole life. I am a firm believer that we can always strive to make things better for others. My goal is to make people feel good and have great experiences.

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