Snapshot is a SAAS website that offers designers a product that will turn their sketches into editable vectors immediately. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to convert sketched images into digital pieces to make life more efficient for designers.

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The research for this project began with creating mind maps and researching various SAAS websites to get a feel for what they do that makes them so successful. After completing the research, we were tasked with coming up with a subscription based software that can be used by designers.


Designers spend a considerable amount of time converting sketched prototypes into vector images using scans or photos. Having an option that makes this process easier would benefit time management and make prototyping more simple.


I came up with the idea of a software that takes the time consuming transfer process out of making prototypes. You simply need to take a photo with your phone, or scan your image into the software to create ready to edit vectors of your prototype in seconds.

Prototype (March, 2017)

This prototype was based on sketches using the SAAS website research. I decided to go with illustrations instead of photos because I felt it would be approrpiate given the target audience are designers. I created small illustrations to showcase the various features the software included, using flat colours and minimal details. The interface ended up being very simple and straight forward, linking to all the features on the home page and including links to sign up at every opportunity (without being obnoxious!)

User Testing (March, 2017)

The feedback of user testing included suggestions of making the colour brighter and adding more distinctive differences between the pricing options. With the suggestion of the pricing changes, I decided to also make changes to the wording of these items. Before, I had used "Single Use" instead of "Single User". These small details can add up to make the experience much better.

Rebrand (October, 2018)

Being given the opportunity to look at this piece a second time, I decided to do an overhaul of the branding because the feedback of user testing was quite positive. Keeping things relatively similar, I created new and engaging illustrations, gave the entire piece a new brand and a new logo to go with it.

All of these changes came together to create something engaging and interactive, catching the eye of potential customers much more than before. The biggest change with the UI content was with the pricing page. I decided to give each type of pricing a different colour and add more interesting typography.


Recipedia is an app that will help users find new and exciting recipes, join a community of talented at home chefs and keep their ingedients list in order for shopping.

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Hey there!

My name is Tori, and I have been interested in helping others and solving problems my whole life. I am a firm believer that we can always strive to make things better for others. My goal is to make people feel good and have great experiences.

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